Brandon and Ashley Travasos – Gonzales, La.

“While working with Corbin for nearly 8 years installing beautiful landscaping, one gets to know their boss very well. As anyone would say these words about Corbin, he is in fact meticulous, courteous, and takes extreme amounts of pride in anything that he does. Over the years of landscaping these awe-inspiring homes that he created, it was my dream to live in a house that has such professional detail and quality that you would see if you walked into a Corbin Ladner Custom Home. Well, that dream came true.

Once my fiance caught a glimpse of a completed Corbin custom home, her mind was set. I could not agree more with here choice. So Corbin made OUR dream come true and built our first home. Every single person that walks through our home gasps as they admire the floors, cabinets, fixtures and intense quality that flows throughout. So people ask me, when we have children and we need more space, will you build with Corbin again? My answer, ABSOLUTELY!!!”